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Citizens Rights Watch is an international human rights NGO which is comprised by human rights activists from around the globe. Citizens Rights Watch is utilising new technologies, and through online activism and digital advocacy, is raising awareness of citizens rights, focuses on educating citizens about their rights and on inspiring citizens to become activists, while advocates through all media possible for citizens’ rights internationally.
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CRW's Mobile App, is developed as a first App of its kind, in order to offer a digital advocacy tool to every citizen around the globe with access to a mobile phone, to participate in evaluating their country of citizenship, their Civil Rights standards, and contribute in monitoring citizens rights protection. The software is programmed and operates without any biases or personal interests by using smart formulas to rank countries globally based on citizens’ voting averages.

The data that you will provide us with through your voting will be used to draft a report of citizens’ rights at the end of each year, and rank each country according to the happiness of its citizens. All final data will be available to everyone through our mobile app, and our website’s Country’s Happiness Indicator map. This is why we need you to be the starting point of this monitoring process! Please do join us in this original and unique monitoring digital tool, by downloading our Citizens’ Happiness mobile App, and become a Citizen Activist!

Below you can find the direct download links for both IOS and Android mobile phones: